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Tejdhee Technologies was established in 2023 by Akshay Shembekar to bring technology into education and other essential fields that have been so far left out of the Digital India project. Tejdhee is a name that etymologically originates from Sanskrit by combining “तेज” meaning Divine Fire and “धी” meaning Ocean, thus meaning an ocean of divine fire.

Tejdhee Technologies aims to provide low-cost solutions to institutions and businesses to help them achieve digital independence. GZOD - Attendkor is the first product launched by Tejdhee to revolutionize the education system.

GZOD is a content networking platform which is designed to show user content as per their interests and shield them from foreign AI algorithm biases. It can show a variety of content including videos, images, text posts and links. It also has a dedicated jobs section for users to view and apply for jobs relevant to their profiles directly.


Our vision at Tejdhee is to be a pioneering force in empowering Bharat's youth and working individuals by providing them with seamless and innovative digital solutions. We aspire to create a unified platform that fosters collaboration, productivity, and growth in both personal and professional spheres.


"Empowering Educational Excellence, One Connection at a Time" This mission statement reflects the app's commitment to empowering educational institutions by providing an all-encompassing solution that automates attendance processes and fosters a strong sense of connection among students and faculty.

Who We Are

AttendKor is a product made by Tejdhee Technologies Private Limited. It emphasizes the goal of enhancing educational experiences and promoting a collaborative, supportive campus community where every individual's potential can thrive.

About us

About GZOD - AttendKor - In a world full of possibilities Attendkor aims to provide educational institutions with an opportunity to automate their attendance procedure and give the students practical skill-based learning to students. AttendKor will be a game changer for colleges by eliminating manual processes to free up time for the faculty and provide job opportunities to students who will be equipped with industry-standard skills.

Transform attendance management with our cutting-edge automation tool. Seamlessly integrate, effortlessly track, and dynamically report attendance. Streamline efficiency, and bid farewell to manual processes. Join the movement and empower your institution with our innovative solution for a brighter future!!

Our Work Process

Upon successful installation, AttendKor seamlessly automates attendance through its integrated location services on mobile devices, streamlining the attendance management process.

With just a simple click of a button, authorized personnel can swiftly download these reports, saving valuable time and effort.

AttendKor's user-friendly interface and efficient work process empower educational institutions to efficiently manage attendance records while minimizing administrative burden.

The attendance reports and blacklist calculations are effortlessly generated through AttendKor's intelligent system, ensuring accurate and reliable data.

AttendKor also offers the flexibility of a manual attendance method through its E-register feature.

Automatic attendance through location services or the manual method using the E-register, AttendKor provides a comprehensive and effective solution for attendance management, simplifying operations and fostering an environment of increased productivity and transparency

Our Awesome Services


Attendance Tracking

Track attendance effortlessly with location-based technology. Our innovative solution simplifies the process, ensuring accurate and efficient attendance tracking in educational institutes.


Report Generation

Generate comprehensive attendance reports with a simple click of a button. Our user-friendly system makes it easy to access overall attendance data, identify blacklisted students, and streamline reporting.



The app has an inbuilt notice board where teachers can post notices and students can see them in realtime. The notice posts can have text as well as images included.


Hardware and Software Solutions

Being a technology company, Tejdhee has access to various hardware and software products and can act as a technology partner for the institutions that chose to collaborate with us. We can provide hardware maintenance services and source PCs and other products at competitive costs.


Teaching Services

The New Education Policy 2023 is all about transforming our existing education system. It's a revolutionary approach that aims to bring in modern teaching methods, embrace the power of technology, and promote learning based on practical skills. Sticking to the idea GZOD will provide teachers to colleges to teach extra optional subjects.


Our Service

Bye-bye manual attendance! Experience AttendKor, the game-changing tech solution for educational institutes. Backed by extensive college research, it streamlines processes, solves dilemmas, and prepares students for an uncertain future. Embrace efficiency and unlock endless possibilities with AttendKor!

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